no matching pictures

we are back home, traveling through the snow that fell the night before we left.
Found no matching pictures from the last days because i am not synchronized with anything but liked the skirts blowing in the wind on the poster i saw at one of the many exhibitions we visited this weekend (can`t remember the artist). saw too much bad art, made me even more disorientated.
and i decided to do better next week and:
+ be not so impatient and unsocial anymore
+ get the undone things done step by step
+ make a drawing per day
+ hopefully meet ola
+ restart my project
+ enjoy more


ryan said...

victory in japan

hannna said...

hei! good list! you could also get my email address from Ola if you meet. (for the book thing)
drawing per day... me too!
i made a deal with Y some time ago: my part was to make 5 "sun greetings" per day (i don't know what they are in english, yoga anyway). i haven't done any.

Anonymous said...

hello, welcome home. good resolutions, best to take it step by step, onkel otto style. only 23 days before we see you, can't wait. alles liebe, d

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