back from a 4 day visit to Ulm, the town where i grew up. preparing, supporting and celebrating the big party on the occasion of my parents 70ies birthday. it feels like i have been away for more then a week, met so many members, friends and companions of my family, very turbulent days and the biggest parts of them quite joyful.

in a rare moment on my own, doing some errands in the pedestrian zone i met this turkish men. sitting there, very calm in the middle of a busy road, making this embroideries that are describing his state and needs in a very discrete and beautiful way.
being handicapped and not able to work but in the need to earn some money for his family, asking for donations, either materials or money and offering commissioned embroidery.
he was very friendly, open and not bitter. i really would like to make something with him, unfortunately i did not manage to meet him again and have been too surprised when i talked to him first. I will ask my mother to do it for me, she knew him already.

much more to report but i have to fill the advent calendar for lou, she so wants to believe that it is not me doing it.

have a wonderful week!


hannna said...

oh... oh sounds so stupid, but i'm at a loss for words. beautiful "story". there are not a lot of people on the streets like that here, only since 2 years in Hki. they are only begging. i never see anybody give any money, it's a cold and expensive country - i don't get it. i don't carry money so i don't think whether to give or not, but commissioning embroidery... that i would do. i hope i would. i feel like saying greetings to that man from me. stay that way, friendly, open and not bitter. good luck.

mieke willems said...

that's beautiful... to become quiet...

ola said...

again enthusiasm... but as well for die medium of blogging; you did not manage to meet him again but the story is already circulating around other parts of the world; somehow great; the supermarket next door we have now beggers who have the method of saying hello to everybody passing the door; the persons change; but they always stand and say it with absolute friendliness; this is one of the heaviest jobs I think; and those people must be special, to stand it; one was among them that I was happy to meet every time; I was happy about her hello; but they change;

Kaela said...

this is such a beautiful story.

i've never said 'hi' before, but i read your blog from time to time and it is always a nice thing.

this entry in particular is something i think about sometimes, walking around the city here...

anyway, 'hello!'


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