light at home

we had nearly a whole day at home, in the middle of the week, bathed in sun.
it came unexpected, lice epidemic at school (not the first time,it is so common in berlin!). but even all the washing and treating that was demanded was worth it, a good excuse for not working all day long.

it is her last day being six, tomorrow she will turn seven! i hope i will be able to keep all the memories of this special year, i know it`s selfish but it somehow hearts, seeing how fast she is growing up.

she interviewed L today and made this characters for a book she's planning to make. a story about this girls in front of a photographed city, she wants me to take pictures of facades for it.


hannna said...

hei, happy birthday, Lou!
nice post, we woke up to sunshine as well. the book idea sounds fabulous!!

anette said...

thanks hannah, i will let her know, we had another sunny day, appropriate for the special date!

Anonymous said...

really nice characters!

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