a real weekend

it felt like a clearing in my workingjungle:
a wonderful and lazy saturday afternoon with all my cousins, a sister finally returned from canada and our children, organized by my aunt S.
sleeping long and sound, trying to get some housechoires done, me and L., Lou hiding meanwhile and reading under the finally hung up horses.

me being a little bit more confident about the next three weeks with:
a theaterpremiere at saturday
a new film to be prepared until the end of march
a lecture to be held briefly before
+ + +
the fortune cookie i got with my takeaway dinner from my L's said: allow yourself to be spontaneous


mieke willems said...

the horses! love them! remind me of a duvet and pillow we both have!

anette said...

oh mw, thanks and sorry i forgot to link you, they were my inspiration, i made it for lou after them, posted my work in progress with a link to your pillow, will do it asap again!!!
best anette

mieke willems said...

hey annette, you really did a great job! ours is just bought like that, couldnt do it to make it all by myself! congrats!

Anonymous said...

I made myself thoughts about the curtain, how it might look like... and it looks different, better; really really good

anette said...

mw and ola, thank you i really take it as a compliment and i will make more curtains soon!

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