a vintage ballyslingpomp found at the costumerental last week
+ + +
my own "belle de jour" patent leather pomp by bally.
i took that picture last april. now she would never ever wear a skirt, pink (apart from her old pajamas from the last post) or a shoe like that.


hannna said...

nice shoes! yes, I just came to tell you, that I knew you had guessed, and wondered if you even heard about my news from O. and I have this one sentence from you in my head; how you thought it'd be nice to have a 3-year old now. that's how it's gonna be for us, when the baby is 3 (if all goes well and all that) V will start school. she's very proud of this.

happy spring to you all

hannna said...

again.. I didn't think it was for me that sentence, but I was just happy that you thought that, having a kid that age etc... it is just so exciting to see this girl grow. I have been wanting to concentrate on her only for all this time, and I still do. it feels strange that there would be another one to be as interested in.

ola said...

since some time I try to find some "heels" shoes, without knowing how to manage to change the habit in walking in flat ones, I would try; but I do not find the right ones, like the firstimageexamples; in vienna I sometimes tried it out but was shocked by the noise I produced in out small antique office, so I stopped; lou is one year older than she was when we started the blog-dialogue, crazy to count it like that but as it is a diary of her as well we see her grow; maybe I can congratulate her soon;

anette said...

hanna, yes, i sometimes tried to imagine how it would be to have the same love and interest in another child too. hard to imagine, oh, really exciting time for you!
and still yes, it would be a perfect fit for lou to have a 3 year old sibling...so like you said, perfect timing for you. i am very curious but sure you will make a perfect family of 4!

ola, the clickedicklack is part of the good feeling with high heels. tell me your shoesize and i will have a look for you too.
and yes, very soon, after friday when my lecture will be finally held i will be able to be a social human being again...

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