at home

we made some attempts to choose and frame some art and pictures for this wall. since we moved in seven years ago we have been repeatedly talking about hanging some art. but as we live surrounded by stealconcrete walls and for every nail or screw an impactdrill is demanded, it never really happened.
let's see how it will end up this time, but rediscovering our treasures made us want to succeed this time.

and a new/old shelve for lou's room.
+ + +
the film is done, i am sure it will be a good one, i never have had that strong feeling before.


hannna said...

Your home looks so, so nice always.
The stuff on her shelf looks super interesting.
And Dance Mix!

anette said...

hannna, thats a big compliment as i always like very much what you show from your house! thanks.

the stuff in her shelve is mostly what she is constantly making for her little creatures and the dance mix is the best giveaway she ever got from a birthdayparty, the 7 year olds were all dancing the whole afternoon, she considered that party the best of her life!

ola said...

it is motivating that despite all toys L. manages an own creativity, combining found, glued with readymades; I always thought that this was so special about my "poor" childhood and cannot be repeated in a consumersociety; nice memories I have looking at L`s work; I guess, you are a good example;
so how do you fix the frames now? glue on the walls?

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