first of may

rowing with a small boat through the canals at Tiergarten park
+ + +
and somebody moved into Lou's building and planted a tree


at swim-two-birds said...

so nice nature, the colour of the water!
what about finishing things, i almost never complete a work, but with putting it on a blog it looks polished.

yasu said...

i really love the first picture. and the tree made with beads? is lovely

anette said...

yes it was a perfect afternoon, calmness right in the middle of the city and R. your work or tests look quite worked out, there is a lot of beauty in unfinished things!
I tend to not even try this days, too much daywork distracting me.
Y thanks and the tree is made out of beads, i found it at a shop with used furniture, the man seemed to be relieved to get rid of it, he tried to find out what it was made for and found no explanation.

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