grey outside

today, and grey inside as well. there was no reason but everything i could think about was to hide inside something she did like above.

later my family made me want to get out again and Lou started to love playing her violine, after weeks with me forcing her to practise at home - she was unstoppable this afternoon.
i already had doubted the decision to let her have violin lessons but she absolutely wanted to and went with the family tradition.
i stopped after seven years but still dream sometimes about playing in a big symphonic orchestra, that feeling of being inside that cloud of sound is very special!


ola said...

this is the picture, exactly that one I needed, of ida lehtonen, thanks; fascinated about her photowork; how did you know about her; the violin is my instrument of desire, like your words about lou... and setting her into a familycontext, quite relaxed. the today-post is bringing some question... so tillmanns photographed your workmoments?

anette said...

dear ola,
makes me happy to have posted something you were looking for, thats how our coversation started here.
i just discovered i.l., somewhere on a blog, can't remember exactly where.

yesterdays post is about my suffering with not having time to realize anything that's in my mind but as a substitute find/look at pictures that are inspiring or related with what i want to make.
I just have to work one more week!

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