i got this embroideries from my friend in hamburg.

she found them in a local charity shop. it has been a series of 80 pieces. she was told that a mentally ill man copied a complete 60ies graphic book, embroidering page after page.

i miss making things, weaving, sewing, embroidering, that's what i want to do now.
my costume job is so so time consuming there is no balance. we have been cleaning up the studio today, it made me crazy to know that i am not going to be able to use all the collected material soon.

i shouldn't complain.

it's all in my head and there will be time to realize all of it.



Edieliv said...

!!!! these are amazing! does your friend have the whole series of 80? i would love to exhibit them...

Anonymous said...

Die Stickereien sehen fantastisch aus! Und ich kann sehr gut nachvollziehen, daß man angesichts solcher Schätze gerne wieder selber ausprobieren möchte...das Ausbalancieren zwischen Job (durchaus kreativem, aber halt anders...), Familie und Machen schaffe ich auch nach jahrelangem Üben nach wie vor unbefriedigend.

Solidarische Grüße,

Suzy et son lapin said...


Aber keine Missgunst.


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