some green finally

Lou and me are at my parents in the south.

there are three girls in her age living in the same house, happiness, grandparents and friends.

my mother wanted to see the spring snowflakes (Leucojum vernum) today, we found seas of them and moss.

my father is making a wooden bus for her little animals. so nice.


Edieliv said...

hey anette, these photos are so beautiful. i wanted to send you an email - if that's ok would you send your email address to my email address? - which is rs at rhiannonsilver dot com : )

mieke willems said...

hi! sounds all so nice and looks all very pretty!
what a cool dad you have, making that bus! hope you had a nice easter!

anette said...

thanks mw, yes he is and it was. tonight we are heading back north, hope you had a nice easter too, your bf looked so!

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