another sunday

at our friends house yesterday, she carried that cherryblossom which she caught without knowing until we arrived at home in the evening.

i had a good morning, a very nice and surprising package from finland and a very flattering request from england, both through this blog, thank you both.

but then my I Photo program kind of collapsed. I've been collecting pictures in several folders for a presentation this week since months.
Now my computer can't decipher most of them anymore. Just showing grey squares if i am scrolling over them, trying to open or export them!
hope i will get some help of my personal computer crack tonight!
I've been warned several times to not work with that program but...and now back to work!


marie said...

ha technological difficulties! the worst!
great light you have there -)

anette said...

thanks marie, i kind of solved it now after hours and hours...

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