marie louise

the beautiful colour combinations, the knitting, how she works. there is something in her approach to the garments which is very free. it seems like she has found her own language.

i am searching for the right aesthetics and visual subtext for the new film project. i am lucky to have no restrictions, two couples, no realism, a director who seems to be openminded. it feels like i have a big chance but it is tricky.
i do'nt want to recycle again and again, i need to find a singular style avoiding fashion or boredom.

m l v


Fine Little Day said...

That top photo, wow. Great combinations indeed.

hannna said...

super nice! i was just going to say that it's a bit like that teenytini link that FLD posted some time ago. for grown-ups. is she a friend of yours?

anette said...

yes, she has talent!

hanna, no i don't know her but she has been studying at the same fashion school like i did, years after i had finished. i just thought the sound of her name suited the clothes very well and i do love that name for obvious reasons and i am always interested who's behind it!
but this has been a coincidence, first the work and then the name.

at swim-two-birds said...

wow, love this

Pergolina said...

that top image is amazing. i want that piece so bad. beautiful. the flow, the colors. delicious!

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