Today the three of us at home, Lou a little bit sick, L. still not recovered but much better, so unexpected and nice to spend time together during the week.

A glimpse into my laboratorium, slowly I have a vague idea where it might lead me to...
and finally we were able to fix a schedule for the next weeks, some if's left from my side workwise but a big step into planning and being able to think further then tomorrow again and even if our little vacation and some days off are still ahead I already miss the time without any boundaries and no "work"


Anonymous said...

oh i fell in love at once with the picture of lou on the street. it is just perfect. the colours and the puddles and the patches on the asphalt. could you send me one for print? i want it i want it on my wall right here - please! and your experiments look so beautifully fragile. very nice. very curious about the final results. hope you can make a lot of time for these kinds of projects in the next little while and before the next film. enjoy the family time as well. kisses, d

ola said...

laboratorium! i imagine a space clad in fabric, in all different ways one can imagine. to change the idea of sleep, of dreaming, to exclude from outside, to find a moment, to find beauty in light and colours. do you know bow wow, the japanese architect couple? i have a link on my blog. they use curtains a lot. and that is why i love their houses. there is a big potential in this way of work. and that is why the photos have such a softness, one feels the soft geborgenheit of a tent already.

anette said...

D, ich habs geschickt, danke für all die schönen Wünsche und Komplimente.

Ola, wieder Pin Pong, du formulierst genau was ich im Kopf habe, woran ich arbeite, ich hoffe sehr daß ich es realisieren kann, im Gegensatz zu Dir bin ich nicht so schnell mit der Umsetzung, ich werde mir Zeit lassen aber ich habe auch Angst es könnte mir entgleiten wenn ich es nicht erarbeite/realisiere.Bis bald und danke für den link, kannte ich nicht

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