My old house & where the wild things are

When L was working in Hamburg recently he was booked into a hotel that is located in front of my old house. I used to live there before I moved to Berlin to live with him, 10 years ago. The house was abandoned when he took the pictures, it seemed like I just moved out.
I really loved the little house in the backyard, it had a garden on both sides and it was my first proper apartment after a long period. It was a little bit spooky too because it was unblanked from both sides but I liked it so much because I felt such a relief to have my own place.
It was expensive but the only thing I was able to get because the landlord was the only one who trusted me without having a regular income. I used to pay in daily or weekly rates, whenever I was able to I gave him some money.
The last two years before I moved into that little building I lived either in a shitty flat together with people I hardly knew, temporarily even in my very small and humid one room working place (souterrain) or in the tiny tiny room my friends offered me when I was completely broke.
It is strange and mysterious to see a place where I used to live long time ago, my live was completely different then, a lot of memories are coming back seeing the little house.
Sunday I will go to Hamburg for work, just for a couple of days, haven't been there for a long time.
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I am very much looking forward to seeing Spike Jonze movie adaption of where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak. Thank You dear L for the link and compliment, I am very moved.
I wish one of that wonderful wild things would have shown up in my former garden.


Anonymous said...

oh i remember your little house, it indeed was a real treasure house, how strange that it sits empty - who would NOT want to live there? i am glad there were no wild things in the garden when you let me stay there for a few days, because as a child, i couldn't even open the book that's how scared i was. but i am big now and look forward to the spike jonze movie. thanks again, dear A.

anette said...

what a perfect expression, "to sit empty" want to improve my english again, oh yes and I was scared too but sj's interpretation of the wild things looks so approachable and furry and cosy, I just want to be with them. Ku A

hannna said...

what a nice looking house. some friends were looking for a house in Hamburg some time ago. i guess they don't need one anymore.
S.J. is greatness!
the first thing i ever saw by him was a music video for a fat boy slim song, where he and some others dance on the street. do you know? they couldn't use it because there were too many passers-by.

JG said...

i loved this house, too. and i loved visiting you there. my big sister in hamburg, living her luxury life :) with all her cool friends. i remeber a big easter party we had there. the motto was "pastel colour", everybody was dressed up and you impressed me with your art of cooking traditional easter feast (was it a lamb roast?). jajaaa. long time ago. i guess you were even younger than i am now.

anette said...

h. was it the one at the mall, a bunch of people dancing kind of "bad" in 80ies style, I remember that, ja, it was very special then, we loved it.

d & j what kind sisters I have! You are both very sweet, at least while blogging! Love you.
j, yes I remember that party because somebody took pictures, all of us dressed in pastels, I made my top the day/night before, I remember that my friend O still had hair then...

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