I was running and driving around (in a big white BMW !!! the production rented for me) all day for work. Shopping, collecting clothes, getting and doing a lot of unnecessary phone calls, this job feels more and more strange to me...I liked the girls, they somehow suited my day, alien and bright.
In the evening I went back to the carrental and changed it into something dark, decent and practical. Feel much better now.
+ + +
This morning I got this from my little sis, the other music obsessed with L. in the family. If You don´t know it already here is Feist at Sesamestreet. Her fragile, dramatic voice and the goofy puppets, what a wonderful composition.


ola said...

sad to see raincoats here as well. but good colours to stand it. was hoping to find the summer here or there. in the last days I have seen so many different raincoats... the best combination was an elder couple in a white semitransparent fabric. surprisingly elegant way. wish you and me sunny days soon back.

anette said...

that would be another good "Sartorialist" special, raincoats, capes, improvised shelter and cover, I took quite a few pictures because I am walking around in main streets a lot while earning my money. It seems to be sunny outside, but it is still early. Hope you will have a sunny weekend too.

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