old project

I managed to post some pictures at flickr of clothes for children, another project I did with a friend in 2003/4.
After we set up the whole collection and a small shop with all our enthusiasm, savings and commitment we had to close down our label after a couple of months.
We just wanted to make the clothes like we imagined them, despite of effort or costs, we did not sleep anymore because of being divided into mothers, partners, fashion/fabric designers, shopkeepers, production supervisors, and other work to earn some additional money.
I realized too that the hole process of setting up a collection from A-Z was taking away all my enthusiasm for the subject but the experience made me able to discover again the advantages of my original job.


mathilda said...

we also would like to make a little collection for kids ,but yes it's so complicated. your prints are realy beautiful, especially with the birds!

hannna said...

hei! i looked at the flickr set too, very nice clothes. they look like unique pieces, that is wonderful.

Fine Little Day said...

Wow, they are really great! Something I would wanna buy if I saw them in a shop.

anette said...

thank you ladys
and mathilda if you have a better Geschäftssinn there is a good chance to make it, we would have survived too if I would not had given up, iI like your blog, will visit soon again

ola said...

noch mehr lob! wirklich sehr schöne arbeiten. es ist doch tatsächlich handarbeit, diese applikationen, ? und was für herrliche `beiläufige` fotos, wie momente einer geschichte. es ist wunderbar, deine farblinie zu verfolgen. flohmärkte... wir haben gerade einen hinter uns, und ich bin froh, daß du jemandem diesen fellausserirdischen abgekauft hast. wir mußten so viele dinge wieder mitnehmen oder verschenken.

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