surfing the internet while being to weak again to do something else I stumbled upon the photographer giasco bertolis website, finding this picture of claire denis.
she made one of the films that completely changed my perception, l'intrus, it is about a man who undergoes a heart transplant operation, literally and in many other ways and because I have problems with my heart since three weeks and know the reason is not physical but feel so limited and weak, found many answers in reading cd's intellectual approach to the story again, adapted from a text by philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy.
It is incredible that the film that made me so angry after seeing it the first time in 2004, but then after discussing it and trying to watch it without any prejudice gave me a very new idea of how dramaturgy of films could work, now seems to be the ignition of being able to find an access to my newly developed symptoms of psychosomatism. I always knew that my nonitellectual life made me sick!
My english is too limited to give you an impression of the complexity of that masterpiece so read more here if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

a, habe das interview und die beschreibung gelesen und wünschte ich könnte mir l'intrus nun gleich ansehen. ich bin sprachlos ob der tiefe deiner worte und erkenntnis(se) und auch ob ihrer bedeutung. auf was für eine interessante spur du da gestossen bist... will unbedingt wissen wie es weitergeht! ku. d

Anonymous said...

Maybe your heart is growing.

love lki

JG said...

very nice post, i wanna see the film! i'm worried about you but good to hear you plan to take care of yourself a little bit more. one thing i have to say though: i don't believe that an unintellectual life can make you sick, sorry that's bullshit!
i prefer lk's theory...

ola said...

I ordered the book, L´intrus. It is a very special post-text and I want to understand it a little bit more. The post shows how little this blog-world is to us, the stranger-bloggers. I cannot really understand what is going on in your life and it is more a post for all your friends who are reading and answering this. but you seem to really do a lot, a lot of beautiful things of course.but a lot. It is good to try to understand and to have the signs of your body, to hear them. I always think now that my intellectual life is on ice(?) since I have a child. it sound really like a change you are undergoing, and then body wants to take part too. blablabla. I just wanted to write something

Anonymous said...

i like lk's theory too, but don't think at all, that it is bullshit, j. just was not aware that your life was so unintellectual, a, and that you are so different. if you feel like there is a connection, there certainly is one, i am convinced. alice miller's books regarding sick body telling you things have helped me to understand some things about myself better... maybe worth a try? again, d

anette said...

j and D, yes, lks theory is the best and very flattering too but the idea of unintellectual life making me sick was kind of a joke covering my longing for another worklife with a more intellectual challenge.
I am just searching for the not so obvious reasons for the rebellion of my body but one should always take it as a gift too like a doctor once told me, getting signals before you collapse.
But it really touches me that you take care and I tried to avoid this theme in the blog, considering it too private but it is dominating my life at the moment and then I decided that this blog is my personal view on the world anyway and I do not want to control myself to much here.

Ola, yes it is always interesting to reconsider blogging, but I think I am/was not so very clear with what I wanted to say with the L'intrus/my heart problem parallels, I don't understand it either what exactly is going on or do not dare to realize it, I just wanted to share my weakness and the rediscovering of an oeuvre that meant a lot to me. I always appreciate your comments very much and the gaps of understanding somebody via blog happen between friends in real life too. But it is strange indeed corresponding with people you never met especially if you feel a certain alikeness or a real interest in them, like I have with you.

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