summer again

an unexpected warm and wonderful summer weekend with a painful ending, another left foot toe accident that caused a four hour stay at the hospital, mainly waiting, with a happy but tired child. Yes, she likes hospitals and told me that she would have loved to stay even longer, being very much interested in all the stories behind the other children's accidents...


Anonymous said...

looks like a beautiful weekend. sorry to hear about lou's 2nd toe accident, but she seems to do fine... hoffe du auch, alles liebe, d

Anonymous said...

das arme hasi! was würde ich dafür geben ein sommerwochenend mit euch zu verbringen!
seems as the summer can only be on either half of the world. When we had the beautiful summerdays, you had the rain and now vice versa. Hailstormfront here.

ola said...

I am so happy to hear about your summer; sad und unbelustigt about the toe.
I am already imagining my life in
berlin and happy to avoid a next
finnish winter in a much too small
flat that has never been cosy enough for automn or winter moments. read in spiegel online that there might be no real winters anymore in germany soon due to ecological reasons. so no need for three layers of clothes for my backtonatureboy? would make it easier. greet you.

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