my parents wonderful party was held in the refectory of the former HfG, a design school from 1953 to 1968. Max Bill, the first rector saw the HfG as a continuation of the Bauhaus, so everything we did for the celebration was influenced with that design tradition that is still dominating my families esthetics. My sister J. made Ottl Aicher like posters and postcards, customized to my parents history and I just added a lot of lilac for the costumes, my mothers favorite color ever since and we made a very dada performance as stewardesses with cardboard props, encouraged and directed by our childhoodfriend and extrasister C. Without her, the three of us (sisters) would never have found the way on stage, being completely made for behind the stage activities but our parents really deserved it and we made them happy and proud, at least they pretended to be.
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JG said...

thank you for the pics. i was waiting for them for days.... checking your blog every day.
i don't think the parents didn't pretend anything. i think they were actually pretty bloody proud and just did't know how to deal with their feelings.
Despite the overdose of family affaires, emotions and difficulties that came along with the whole thing i very much enjoyed being around you all. and i am proud too. even if we'd never ever managed go that far without our crazy C.: i think we did a nice job too!!!

love you!

ola said...

writing this comment I have to varify it with a very suitable word: "fatergen" don`t you think? maybe for theatre people it is normal to realize things liket that, speaking pictures, but for others there are just questions..? häh?; nice glimpse into your familycreativity, a power;

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