a picture of L's wall because i always like his arrangements and i don`t manage to take interesting pictures of my own life this days.

it would be just views out of my car, desks covered in fabricsamples, reference pictures, drawings of costumes and glimpses of some far to short familylife, all blurry because of the lack of light


hannna said...

hello. nice wall. what does he do? you don't have to answer that. your table sounds very interesting! people are showing their tables in blogs... do you wanna look into your archives and do the 4th of 4th? you're tagged if you want.

anette said...

Hanna, he works as a cinematographer for news/ politics, writes film reviews and has plans to go back to what he initially did, documentary films.
i tried the 4th of 4th, it happened to be the first picture L took of Lou, minutes after she was born...so i will throw the dice for another number.
i will show some pictures of my table, as soon as i will work at it during the day.

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