Thats where

we are going at the weekend
my present for L's Birthday today
and for me as well, just to be away from work
and for the three of us to spend some days together
and with friends


Anonymous said...

Wie wunderbar! Have a great and blessed weekend! ich denke viel an euch!
lots and lots of love! lk

hannna said...

oh Paris, lucky you! enjoy yourselves!

eloise in berlin said...

Have fun in that gorgeous city - my second home, full of nostalgic childhood memories. Email me if you want any tips A...

ola said...

hm; I just thought, a light directly on the red wall would be quite nice; yes, enjoy it from me as well; and forget all about fashion! even it is almost jumping on you there; alo

anette said...

Thank you Ladies, i can't imagine being there right now, exhausted but happy because of the real good good work i am able to participate at the moment, my days are so packed and i am far away from planning a route in paris, but it will be fine, i am sure. will report soon

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