My Daughter

always was and still is very precise with what she wants to wear;
she is the only vegetarian in the family but wears a fur hat from time to time, bought at a fleamarket in the middle of last summer.


kristin said...

i love the hat! what a cool kid.

anette said...

thanks mette, yes i agree but i am so happy she is still carrying a pet wherever she goes

eloise in berlin said...

Oh how sweet - I was like her too - always very concerned with my style, the only vegetarian in my family and mad about our cats (ok, so I didn't carry her or him around with me!)

Lovely pic, danke!

JG said...

I always knew she's my ally! not only being pisces, but also being a pferdem├Ądchen AND a vegetarian now. good girl.
you asked me to give you another number as a substitute for 4th of 4th. how about 3rd of 7th?
i'm curious.

hannna said...

is that real fur? doesn't look like it. good girl, take care of her eating then! seeds are good. she looks very cool in this photo.

anette said...

thank you E. J. and H.!
its always a pleasure to get your responses

mieke willems said...

haha! she is a special girl, that's good!!

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