Another Horse

in progress...it's so strange for me, due to a serious horse allergy since my early childhood i never experienced any contact and never developed a relationship with this animals apart from heavy asthma attacks.
So my daughters obsession might be a reason for a more abstract approach to that species even if i never felt like i really missed something, it is just satisfying to make , especially things i never thought about before and i am experiencing that during my everyday work as well at the moment.
i feel lucky and tense this days, even with all the difficulties that we might all experience with getting family and work together.

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Anonymous said...

i have unrealised "design drawings" for a horse costume in my drawer since i was lou's age... can i come and help finish this one?
paris, how nice. go to bofinger and have a spectacular dinner francaise.. enjoy! see you next week! kuss, d

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