her music

the girls performed to Lou's favorite band this morning, vampire weekend, M on the guitar Lou on the drums. it is not that she just likes them, she is really into their songs and tries to understand their lyrics.
she dressed herself with teddybearears i made for a schoolplay and the tiger t-shirt she so so so wanted.
she lives the whole range at the moment boy - girl, childish - responsible, stuffed animals-plastic toy merchandising, playing violine - listening to rock'n roll, making things out of found materials - and dreaming to be aloud to play computergames.
and beatles, favorite song: yellow submarine.
and singing all the crazy songs she get tought at the schoolchoir.
and big discussions if L or me try to hear our music, mine she considers to sad and L wants to talk her into something, convince her, in the end she always ends with VW, her music.

playing "blinde kuh" (blind cow) in the park today, the more relaxed part of a nice but somehow exhausting day.


mieke willems said...

love the teddybearears! and we love vampire weekend too! its really nice for summer! so happy music!

hannna said...

Looks lovely, on all pictures. How exciting to be so young and find things to like.
I got another attack kind of comment, so I have to think about blogging, receiving comments and all that. Comment control doesn't help unless someone else would read them for me. I don't care if everybody else sees that kind of stuff, I just wish I didn't. It's such a personal area, even though it's open for anybody. Sorry to be writing this to you right now...

Yes, ask O if ever you feel like e-mailing. I write e-mails with a couple of blog people, it's nice even if it's not so regular.

at swim-two-birds said...

i don't know vampire weekend:(
but i love how you descripe your daughter's activities, very interesting and cute, but also oh so exhausting!:)
lovely post

anette said...

thanks MW and R i always appreciate your comments very much.

H, shit! i fully understand because what attracted me to blogging was the way people were treating each others blogs/posts verry respectfully and encouraging.
i understood it as an area for testing, showing, sharing and yes failing and even imperfection.not being always treated as if you have to sell everything, would it be a thought or a thing you do.
i am a very critic person and like to say what i mean but this is not the platform here, or at least not with the blogs we are sharing and we should not harming each other on this level!
i hope you manage to not take it too personal but it is a tricky world here!
and please don't apologize.
best Anette

hannna said...

Hei, thank you, thank you. I'm bad at not taking things personally... getting strange and judging comments (just 2) makes the further writing a bit impossible. I can't stop thinking of different topics to annoy those people even more! But that's not a direction I wanna go to. I've come across annoying blogs, but it sure wouldn't occur to me to say anything to them. I'm critical and easily annoyed too. And I have a ruthless home critic, so I really don't need criticizing from total strangers... I anyway don't say much to many, but here I am writing all this in YOUR blog. No apologies, but you can throw this comment in the trash after you read it!

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