of light.

yesterday afternoon and exactly one year ago at the lake.

i will never ever forget midsummer last year, me and Lou at the house there, so happy and calm, sometimes i really miss being there.

will there be summer this year?


ola said...

I start to miss your house as well. reflections look like holes. I did not even realize that the summer is missing, still so much in the finnish summer.

hannna said...

Are there more demands for a german summer? We have our finnish summer now, midsummer should be called start of summer. I'm sitting inside, looking at the summer through a dirty window. I miss your house as well! Wish I could sell our neighbor's house to you. (Did you ever go inside there, Ola?)

I think I dreamt of walking in Berlin again.

anette said...

oh my dear "finnish" ladys, i do have a cold and wear a woolen cardigan and a scarf which i prefer to light clothes but then i would rather be in your neighbour's house, i would love to buy it! yes, but no more complains, we finally made a DECISION yesterday, housewise!
i will post about that later, first paperwork has to be finished!

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