we have a surreal view this days outside of our kitchen windows.
we are dreaming about a big (legal) terrace or if they turn down our application another apartment with a garden, no hurry, we survived five months with this inferior noise and somehow got our humor and patience back, no matter why.

+ + +

and this is where we go again in july, an archipelago in the southern aegean sea. we will be living in our friends house and this summer traveling around the islands too.

+ + +

i enjoy my life without a day-job so much, the ordinary makes me happy this days.


at swim-two-birds said...

I can't see it properly, but are that the archipelagos on their noses, i suppose it is Lou & your husband. It seems to me they have no problemn of keeping their seriousness. :-)
I wich you good luck with the terrace, a lot of work to do yet!

anette said...

ha R, you are right! it is mistakable, the picture was taken in our friends house there, so much about posting in the middle of the night, i will add another photo!
and yes thats my serious family, two years ago!

hannna said...

They have the same eyes a bit?
Crazy scenery from your window, wonderful scenery you're gonna go to. Lucky you.

We've just had a super nice rainy day in the city, I'm feeling happier again. (I also got new jeans!!!!!! It was about time. Wearable after pregnancy too.)

lk said...

wow the roof! what are they doing there? will you really get a terrace? that would be amazing!
the archipelagos look like south africa! when are you coming? will you ever come? pleeeaaase?
love lk

anette said...

H, i haven't been here so long...yes she is her fathers daughter, so much looking like him and i am very happy that we decided to make the trip to greece.

E, die terasse schwebt noch 2 wochen, drückt uns die daumen!
so schnell kann ich wohl nicht kommen, wo ich jetzt nur noch kleine schöne sachen arbeite, da müsstet ihr mich einladen und was täten wir denn mit all den tieren und haaren, hoffe ihr seid wohlauf, wer weiß, vielleicht ja doch bald, bald jedenfalls mehr per mail, deine A

francisca said...

hi! ich lebe in griechenland! viel spass und schöne ferien im "chaos" land wünsche ich euch ;)

Anonymous said...


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