travel expenses 2007

i nearly finished my tax for the year above which as a freelancer in germany is like writing a thesis, i guess.
one of the many difficulties in doing it is that with every receit a memory unfolds.
i know now that i flew 44 times this year!
i hate flying and i hated being away from my family even more but the job i did demanded it.
most of the time i had to spend in munich in a depressing furnitured tiny appartment which i desperately tried to personalize.
before this i went to warsaw once.
then came salzburg, vienna, frankfurt, hamburg, nice, marseille, paris and always back to m. a city i never learned to like.
i don't write it down for bragging, it's just that i am still wondering how we managed to do this as a family, but it worked out somehow. i travelled home nearly every weekend and they visited whenever it was possible and brought live into a few of the numerous hotelrooms i had to stay.

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