we are back and i am in a very good mood, i guess i never have been as relaxed as i am right now.

it was the best decision ever that i dared to not work for a couple of months and then had the opportunity to travel for some weeks.

yesterday we took our last bath at our favorite spot on the volcanic island, isn't it perfect, the improvised, rough and simple raft they made into a landing and bathing stage?

thats what i really like about greece, the sparse and history breathing landscapes and the simplicity of it's architecture and esthetics in general, that surrounding helped a lot to clear my mind.

i will show you more edited series of pictures of our agaean journey soon, tomorrow i will jump back into work and dare to be confident that i will keep my recently recovered balance for some time.

+ + +

one of the best things we did the last days was jumping off a cliff together hand in hand Lou and me, three meters down into the deep and very blue see, every time we reached the surface she told me she could'nt believe she has been so courageous, happiness.
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