in the tavern

drawings by Lou and her friend, she has a name like a beautiful colour and her parents own the wonderful house where we stayed most of the time in greece.
she is a talented artist like both of her parents but Lou and her fight a lot, despite their arguments they consider each other friends.

i miss my girl, she is with my parents in the south of germany, my father picked her up when we flew back home via bavaria, but as she told me " you don't have to worry mom, i am with people whom you know very well! "
i wish i could accompany my sister tomorrow who is travelling south with her son as well, but some work has to be done and being just the two of us for a short time is quite tempting too.


Fine Little Day said...

She seem to be a wise little one, your girl.

We have two friends who arguing a lot here too, but still are friends. Their disputes are almost always grounded in hunger or fatigue. So proper food and a good nights sleep before they play thank you.

Love the creativity in these photos.

anette said...

you are so right E.! usually the childrens bad mood is caused by lack of sleep and the right food and honestly i am still the same...i could get quite grumpy if i haven't rested and eaten enough!

Anonymous said...


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