how to

dress a gangster these days?

this thought was with me the last two weeks, not finding an adequate solution made me nervous, kept me awake and followed me everywhere.

it's been a while that making costumes felt that difficult. i totally underestimated the job to create a good and unique look for ten men, all of them criminals, each of them living another facette of the whole aspect.

i want to transform a jean pierre melville mood into our world, making a small, fine, dark genre film, taking place 2009.

we came near a solution yesterday, i hope that feeling will last until we start shooting in september.

and how am i going to dress the only women in the film?

all pictures from "le samurai" de jean pierre melville, 1967


at swim-two-birds said...

This project is looking so nice to do! Do you have to make the costumes yourself!!??
I think we all have a romanticized image from how the bad guys are looking. Sometimes i see them on the 'Meir', making phonecalls while their women are shopping; they're all looking the same, black or dark cosume, white t-shirt or shirt, lots of jewelery.
many come from Albany.
But I prefer the movie-version and i love film-noir. What about the only women, i once saw 'Merried to the mob', with Michele Pheiffer as a mob-woman, she looked quite realistic and funny, with again, a very bad taste! haha. Have fun with the project!
In case you come to Breda for visiting the exposition, please tell me, so we can meet and you definitively have to see Tina too, you know, the woman who's in charge with the exhibition.

anette said...

R. we are not making the costumes in this case. it is on a very low budget, so we collect and buy and borrow. we started to make a jacket for the main gangster and then the director decided against it, we were lucky in this case because i wanted a special color and we ruined the fabric (that came out of my huge fabric shelve but was perfect) in the dying process. i am such a punk, i think i should have more of your patience and obsession if it comes to techniques!
today we had a little preshoot, i am quite happy with how it looks, i ended up with a nearly total dark look like you described but he is now a dark guy with a little film noir twist.
did you see "le battre de mon coeur", this was a very good and new interpretation of the sixties bad boys.

anette said...

R. i have been interrupted, i would love to come and meet you and T. and see the exhibition, but first i have to work a little while, some money has to be earned until it's time for a small trip, i will check out how long the exhibition will last. mh, a little weekendtrip...

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