1) in my studio today

2) michael riedel


lovepics said...

your blog is absolutely delightful!

anette said...

thank you lp. good to hear as i am undergoing another blogcrisis, not a serious one, just have the feeling that it is getting boring here, would like to change some things...

unfortunately i am not able to upload your blog completely, apparently too much traffic tonight, will check again tomorrow.

ola said...

I expected your work in the second picture. is the first one a project or an accidental shot. one wonders. greet you.

anette said...

oh ola it's an accidental shot but nice because it showed me that even within my dayjob i sometimes find reminders and ideas for the other project.
yes the concert was enviable, next time i will let you know before, he was really really cool and good and i really hate to use the word cool but there is nothing more precise.

good to hear from you!

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