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it's her birthday, tomorrow, saturday, my little one will turn nine, still such a child but i could already sense something else, a strong will to become independent soon.

like always i started very late with preparations and used a lot of cf inspiration, i hope they will forgive me!

i am quite sure the girls will like it!


ana said...

happy birthday to her!

hannna said...

happy Birthday L! another sign that it's been a year since our trip. very nice decoration, i think you're allowed to be inspired in your own home, it's an hommage after all!

anette said...

thank you, oh hanna, has it been a year you have been to B. you are right, to me it feels like much more time has gone by, maybe taht's a good sign, as if a lot had happened & you are right, it's a hommage!

Alicia said...

oh, I have to prepare my daughter´s birthday party (8). I have two weeks, but, this year I´m feeling lazy about it!

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