spring is here.
it came with Lou's birthday, we had a wonderful weekend, she said she enjoyed it a lot, there just could have been a little bit less visitors. i know what she means and am very happy that she still likes to be just with us, her parents.

i love my days on my own at the studio but need a lot of time to restart every day. it's a slow process and i am trying to overcome my impatience.
the things i've already finished are surprisingly funny, which hasn't been intended but well, they seem to be in a good mood and so am i.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

i set up a tumblr, some inspiration for my current weaving work, you are welcome to have a look.


Edieliv said...

oh Anette i L-O-V-E your tumblr
perfect viewing for a NEW laptop
: )

D-K said...

anette ! what great news in freckles - i try to write to mail of L.
can't find yours :( - toni

anette said...

R. what would my blog life be without your constant support!

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