from my friends, they are supporting me with weaving the long sheets whenever they find some hours and the master lent me another loom to make it possible.

thank you all!

it makes me love weaving even more.

the pretty weaving girl: source unknown, i am sorry, must have been some nice tumblr.


hannna said...

I'm happy that you're doing this! I can imagine it's wonderful and probably very suiting for you. I never told you about Bob, a friend who keeps silk worms, makes silk, indigo dyes, weaves, makes kimonos and is not able to sell them. Finnish looms are supposedly very good. He had a small beautiful one.

anette said...

thank you hanna, yes it's a perfect antipode to my usual job, i needed something more concentrated and calm.
Bob, he sounds like someone with a lot of patience and wisdom, would love to see some of his makings.
and yes, maybe i will end up with a finnish loom, at the moment i am working with a kind of simple but custom-made one.

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