i am trying to be aware of all the small moments of joy, every day. they are so volatile and not guaranteed.

unintended artificial freckles of tomatoe-sauce and black water colour

rest after the new evening ritual "cosmetic studio"


D-K said...

nothing to do with frekles
but with weaving - found this blog one day - don't know if it is updated - but interesting !
http://actionweaver.com/- greetz from
bruxelleois et bruxelleoises : toni & carlos

anette said...

hey, how are you?
nice to meet you here!
yes, sure, i know him, he is the guy who taught me how to weave and built my loom!
he is great and i very much like his approach to weaving!
thanks and are you planning to come to berlin this summer?
hope you are well

D-K said...

hello anette ! thanks for the message - i'm happy you know the guy already , i really like his work ! yes i would love to come to berlin but don't know when - maybe during july - do you know a free apartment for about 1O days for the three of us ? that would help - all is well lots of things to do - kisses to all of you /t

anette said...

Toni & Carlos, hope you come back here, could you send me a short message on my email, it's in my blogger profile.
we have some ideas apartmentwise & it would be lovely to meet you then!
Greetings from big L.
same here

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