The Last Two Weeks

a picture taken last weekend, a tent Lou and her friend made to spend the afternoon in, very content, just in need for some food from time to time

+ + +

the last two weeks were:
incredible noise from 7 to 5 due to construction works beneath our apartment
intense but invigorating working experiences
a lot of bad drawing because i had to
lou playing violin
happiness and being tired
a theatre premiere of a play i worked with that made me really laugh because i still did'nt understand what the adaption of the poem of William C. Williams was meant to be, but taught me to stay calm with an unperfect result and left some interesting sentences in my mind


eloise in berlin said...

Oh that little tent makes me very nostalgic A, because my sister and I used to make that with sheets across the seats and sofas in the living room... it was an aeroplane and we were visiting either of our grandmothers, one in Australia, and one in France! Lovely pic, thank you!

anette said...

thank you eloise, will visit your place more often soon

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