the other night

a very beautiful concert.

and in the morning the very same day i saw an asian men around sixty in a turkish flowershop, dressed in a kimonolike lightgrey suit and a very new straw safari-hat, choosing flowers very carefully in front of a wall covered completely in lush green plants.


mieke willems said...

oh waw, bill is good! where was it? never saw hom live, but would like to!

anette said...

mw, tuesday night, this week, lido, berlin kreuzberg, he is fabulous on stage, very straight, worth visiting live, one of the best concerts i have been to!
maybe he is touring towards belgium?

mieke willems said...

yes, but on a festival, and we hate festivals. a friend is going to see him in amsterdam, but that's a bit too complicated. expensive to go, to sleep, and too long away for the shop. maybe next year!

ola said...

envious about your concert. thought being informed about music in berlin.I hope he will come back again.

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