hairdresser, a game she always loves to play with L.

saturday and sunday with lou, her friend N and my friend C at the lake, crisp autumn weather, a lot of good food cooked by my friend C like pizzocheri, being outside, relaxing, playing with the kids, nearly perfect days apart from some fights with my daughter several times, a price i have to pay for still being away to much at that time of her life when a lot changed for her with school. but she told L that we had a wonderful weekend and got along very well, what a relief and knowing that there will be enough "together" time soon makes it easier too.
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rafts for some small creatures and we found a late ladybird, the children told me it is called ladybug...?


hannna said...

somtimes i worry (not really) about the future fights. my mum never paid any mind to my raging, she would just be singing. but if V is more like me, we will have total heartbreak fights when she grows up, and after them it will be eternal love - there are signs of this already. i have to grow up before V's teen-age.

your berlin is so good. great balance with the lake place to go to.

anette said...

I wish i could act like your mum sometimes, singing, that is really a surprising reaction to rage, but i am the total opposite, getting very furious with her because i take everything so serious,especially with our relation ship, but in the end it is eternal love like you wrote and thats what counts but i don´t think it is a question of maturity, more a process, a learning by living with your child that grows and changes and for me being more patient...

hannna said...

her singing signifies that she's not really listening. it would always make me even more angry. and in part, i think that's why i "learned" to get so crazy angry and to show it strongly. impatience is my biggest problem. i don't have a clue how to change that. i'm already doing counting to one hundred. V hates it. we are just having very heated days now, that's why i was moved to see your writing about fighting. and as before, i'm curious to see how daughters grow, how the relationship evolves... tough work.

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