colors on monday

today work was easy and colorful

BLAU, a friend of mine opened her second shop, i love the macrame thing they did and the curtain. very well done N&C&S&U

another new shop opened, wolfen, one of my all time favorites in berlin, i really like her and her design, fashionfree clothes i always want to wear and work with. her new website will be online soon.

another friendly shop with a wonderful installation of this dresses you can purchase in about a million colors, made by the owners brother

color coordination in my friend Ns first shop


hannna said...

the Blau shop looks great, or the decorations at least! very well done indeed. shops... i'd like to go too

Anonymous said...

fashionfree clothes is the best word I've ever heard. It absolutely sums up what i am looking for. Can't wait to shop!
and to see you! wir bleiben bis zum 24. oktober.

anette said...

Hanna, haven't they and i am planning to do a project with one of the talented ladys who did the shop, can`t wait to start...
Elki, I am fighting for a working free saturday the first weekend you will arrive in B. they want me to do a fitting but as you know my attitude changed and i am willing to say NO, can't wait to show you around and go to the countryside with all of you.

ola said...

your change of attitude sounds encouriging to me. yes, nice to
get tips for places to visit when
I arrive, the blue and colurful
ones. although I hope to avoid any shopping fever next months. too much of that in the last time. knitting and embroidery art? greetings

Anonymous said...

WOW, can't wait to meet the new you! I am impressed and this weekend is reserved for you. I can't believe that your pictures will become reality! I am so excited! Want to go now! can't wait. Bis spätestens nächsten Samstag. Das ist abgemacht! Ja?
Noch mehr Küsse

fantastic fotos above. lou and the sky and i love the colourful tighs!

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