strange plants and a regular workingday

our kitchentable this morning

8 15 accompany lou at school, her second day (!) and she loves it, missing the right subwaystation while talking, we have fun to take the way back.
8 45, back home picking up things for work, chatting with L.
9 15, schlepping about 20 bags into the studio, parking, several phonecalls
10, my coworker B arrives for project A, trying to sort out, making a schedule for the day
10 30 my dear intern N. arrives, has to be told what to do, meanwhile my friend C arrives for picking up some costumes for her project. We discuss if she can take some leftovers from my last project because she works with the same director, we decide for a go because they haven't been used!
11 my assistant J for project B arrives, we start shooting tomorrow, sorting out everything then answering questions from everybody, phonecalls, discussing costumes, fabrics, aging new shoes, washing, printing question marks, enjoying the "girl" activities inbetween hundreds of clothes, fabrics and receits.

12" director from project B calls after checking the rehearsal rushes, telling me which costumes and what color we can use for the blouse that will be made until tonight . I send J to buy the fabric and bring it to the seamstress.
12 30 the production from project A calls that the long planned fitting with the female lead on friday is cancelled. we have no other cast to dress and all the costumes should be sent to southafrica in the first week of october. I decide to fight for it. Another couple of phonecalls
13 me and B leave the studio to collect more costumes and return others we don't need anymore from project B, C and D.
14 director from project B calls that she and the cameraoperater just found out that the fabric they chose this morning might be to light, they want it much darker and the yellow of the t-shirts i dyed yesterday is not bright enough and that it might look better if it will be a vest instaed. I call J to tell her that she has to cross the city again to get the other fabric and bring it back to the seamstress, her, I have to tell that she has to wait again until the new fabric will arrive. prewashing impossible now. then i call N that she has to get new shirts and color and dye and print them again.
1430 lunchbreak with B. this time delicious food vegetables and fish. then driving from east to west and vice versa, shopping, collecting, meeting horrible people in shops and some very nice and friendly ones in one of my favorite shops where i am always warmly welcomed in whatever state i am in. the next shop tells me that i have to pay the full price because they decided inbetween that the rental fee we settled was'nt appropriate. then standing in front of 2 closed doors, one shop had a handwritten sign, closing earlier today where i had to return already delayed things...after several phonecalls to check with the small preshooting for project B we give up at 7 30 after being told that the fitting for project A is finally cancelled.
I meet shortly with N in the studio, pack the rest for tomorrow and am back home at 8. talking and hugging with lou and bring her to bed at 9.

and now i tell you a secret, I am applying for other jobs on a more regular base and it would make me very happy to quit this crazy routine, i guess it will take some time to find the right thing but i am very much looking forward to a big change.


Anonymous said...

you are plain crazy. this has got to stop! yes, please get a relaxed, senior fashion or costume AD job with lots of slaves and fun and regular times - for your and lou's sake. i keep my fingers crossed that you get a super kick ass offer... how is your big heart anyway? we missed you here, love, d

hannna said...

oh man, quite a rush. is every day like that? good luck then with new plans. it doesn't sound all bad though, being involved in making good, or interesting, films... but such long hours, and running back and forth. meeting disagreeable people is the worst.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds really stressful and draining, too.
The main question is, though: do you enjoy it? I know I work better and enjoy it more when I am in a mad rush...However, it also feels better if I know that once I am home, I can hang out with the children and do the things I enjoy.

ola said...

you see the reactions! but then I was thinking that one overreads too fast all the good moments you are describing as well. if you would sit in an office like me for example you would miss your life. a good mixture would be good. dear a, I offer you my emailaddress as I think I have to contact you different way. olen_ko@gmx.net. alright? have seen a wonderful flat on internet in neukölln yesterday. but a lot of interested people, a looot... ola

anette said...

oh ladies, thanks for the emphatic reactions. no, not every day is like that, but to many are indead
and yes there are a lot of good moments with my job, the intense project work for a couple of months, the really good films i had the chance to work for, meet interesting people, have wonderful coworkers...but the not so good part is that they expect you to be available at any time and that you are important but not important enough to really make your own decisions schedulewise i usually have to follow somebody elses schedule (actors, directors...) and
at this point of my life, after 15 years of intense work and traveling with it i am just longing for a
stable and regular job to have much more time for my family and my own ideas and the plan is to continue with some selected films from time to time...
but i am very confident to find a good solution soon.
ola, makes me happy to have your emailadress, mine is open on my blog profile. can't wait to write and meet you nach der überwindung meiner stressbedingten schreibblockade
yours A

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