This picture is so german, everybody has it here, whatever age, whatever social background. the dressed up and proud but not in the mood of being photographed firstgrader, caught before or after the official school celebration with a big "schultüte", filled with sweets and little presents.
to see my daughter like that makes me happy and sad, it is like a part of her life has already become history with that picture. I imagine her looking at it in 20 years or more, reanimating a happy but blurry memory but tonight she was so sad that this day had to had an end. she called it the most beautiful and the happiest day of her life, she was already missing the irrecoverable mood and encounters of today.
we tried to comfort her with the promise that other even more exciting happenings will occur in her future life but she really truely understood that this was unique and gone. one of her first understandings of limitedness.
...but then she found a solution, looking very much forward to meeting her teacher she was very impressed about, again on monday and finally start with school. i am sure she will dive into that new experience with all her usual curiousness, energy and joy.

L and mine first and crafting collaboration, being a couple since 13 years now, made us happy too.

Looking at the pictures i have chosen to post i realized that they give a wrong impression, we spent the hole day amongst many caring people, family and friends and even strangers giving her the biggest smiles and best wishes for her life.


Anonymous said...

what a big day for all of you. lou looks wonderfully happy and sooo grown up! thinking of all of you - having j. and t. here and enjoying their company very much, but wishing we could all beam us over for the monday schulanfang event! küsse, d

ola said...

congratulations from me as well. to your daughter and to your 13years.this sounds so special to me. and it is a wonderful description of your lady in black-white. hopefully whe will get the chance to read your posts as well. how long will it work here like that, is the memory of blogs ending? for me it was premiere as well, going to dancetheater with mau together, without any interruption. parental life is full of premiers, maybe, neverending.

hannna said...

good luck and strength to the big change!
it is such a funny tradition you have. we have some photos from 30's, bought at a berlin flea-market, of a fat little boy with that tüte.

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