before christmas

this week is committed to theater, rehearsals and concepts for the play i am currently working on, the first and intense meeting for the big one i am going to start in january, really excited to work at a state theater for the first time and today a small performance at Lou's school. she was supposed to play the winter tree and complaining since days about the super ugly hat the teacher made for her. in the end they decided on the scarf and now i think she was right.
more beautiful headpieces, snowflakes they all made themself.

+ + +

a picture by Louise Lawler that satisfies all my longing for esthetics since a couple of weeks. i could look at it over and over again.

+ + +

and some music i really like to listen to this times;
had that above vision recently, being completely convinced that the candles on the advent wreath were still glowing, driving back home 10 minutes just to check while being mocked by my daughter.

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hannna said...

beautiful photos!
and i will check out the music, sounds very promising.
merry christmas, Anette!

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