the days between the years

christmas we spent with many family members and a friend and his daughter who's poor wife fell off a horse two days before and unfortunately had to stay in the hospital for some days
we had some bad violine playing by different members of my family including me
many delicious dinners and cookies made by my mother
handmade wrappings by lou
decorated windows
and i got perfect glasses, real treasures
and the usual joy and ennui with the family

+ + +

and now we are back to normal, i like this days between the years, still that solemn mood but mixed with some everyday life.


hannna said...

i must have holes in my head: i'm pretty sure i left a comment here yesterday... some other proof of that today. of the holes i mean.
nothing special, just that your christmas looks wonderful. wrapping papers look great!
i thought you got eye glasses before i saw the photo.
those glasses are indeed incredibly beautiful.

hannna said...

oh and the glasses are a bit like the one in the photo of L Lawler in your previous post! yes?

anette said...

thank you and funny the spectacle imagination as i wear big glasses...
and yes the glasses look similar to the L.Lawler ones but my sister swore that she read the post after buying them for me. they were one of the best presents i got ever!

hannna said...

actually Ola told me you have big glasses, black?
i'd like to get new glasses, and i'd like Y to get new glasses even more.
those drinking glasses are the definition of my aesthetics.
i have a lamp that is too.

anette said...

hanna, i would love to see the lamp, did you post it already? we started today searching one for the livingroom/hallway, so difficult...
my glasses are brown, i have two pairs, one plain brown, the other brown with black and lilac, sounds horrible and it is so hard to find the right ones. i was completely obsessed with the plain brown one, i reordered them 3 times after they broke. now there are no more left.
the last weeks two friends asked me to help me choose their glasses, that might come with my job, oh this theme is worth a long post!

JG said...

oooh, my little sister!! i can't tell you how proud i am having found the right present for you for the first time in my entire life :) but maybe it's just a sign of the fact that we spent more time / exchanged more thoughts in 2008 than before. Let it be so "sistery" in 2009, too, ok? best wishes for the new year, can't wait to meet you!!!

Fine Little Day said...

So nice peeps here.

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