some relocations

finally settled again in our apartment, all of us thankful being back, some clearing, cleaning, moving around, still plans to change but everyday live took over again.

we had to clear our (illegal) roofterrace, the new houseowners have no sympathy, so the plants moved to the little balconies. i was lucky, i got the little olive tree from turkey in front of my working room. we discovered a marigold, blossoming in the middle of december.

unable to decide, lou in playmoheaven at the fleemarket today
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another breathtaking Lisandro Alonso film "Liverpool", this time at the cinema and in opponent climate circumstances, i am still very impressed about his work


Hanna said...

Wow! Why are there so many playmobils?

anette said...

there are some "professional" sellers, some specialized in plastic toys, they had lego too. this fleamarket at 17. juni is more the touristic one, too expensive, they wanted 3 euro for a little pm treasurebox, we did'nt bought anything in the end, we just came across the market on our way. i liked the somehow structured chaos of it.

hannna said...

man, i was almost scared here: "i didn't write that!"
and i didn't, as i am hannna.
my little brother loved playmobils.


anette said...

ha, thats funny, oh hannas, hann(n)a if you would'nt have commented here i would'nt have realised that it wasn't you, as you are one of my few dear regular commentators! not so much to mix up so far!

hannna said...

ok, so good thing i corrected this! i would never write like that! first of all...i don't do capital letters, i don't know why.

anette said...

Hann(n)a, you are right, i had that thought today too, that i should have recognized the "other" hanna. while reading it i was thinking that it didn't sound very much like you but i always appreciate your writing and so i didn't gave it a second thought! i didn't wanted to offend you with my inattention!

hannna said...

hei, you still answered! thank you!
i was not offended at all.

wish you sweet pre-christmas days!

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