yesterday we went ice-skating, despite horrible background music it was good to have a winter experience. we repeated it in the evening with woolen socks around the living room and the kitchen. this time our techniques were much better and the music as well: "the welcome wagon"
i always wanted to be trained in figure skating but my mother did'nt liked the competitive atmosphere and handknitted the woolen leggings that were required for the training instead of buying the elegant thinner ones. I am still pretty good with iceskating and wish i had kept that handknitted trousers...


Anonymous said...

huhu, oh yes those pants! i even got striped ones because she ran out of navy blue wool. i hated that, but i liked the pants... great you had some winter fun, skating in socks around the apartment is also very popular here! dicken kuss, d

hannna said...

your mother and her knittings sound so great! photos, please.
ice-skating really was quite attractive.
our friend has 3 daughters, and recently the youngest one started figure skating too.

anette said...

oh d, where are those pants?
envy the snow you have, hope you had a warm and wonderful christmaseve

hanna, unfortunately there are no pictures of this trousers but i found other photographic proofs of my mothers creativity, i will post some soon.
yes, iceskating and gymastics, nadia commaneci was my absolut childhood heroe...

and i don't know how to get rid of this flashy capital letters as my postsignature!

anette said...

and here it worked finally, this blogger-program sometimes is unpredictable! but good it worked out finally, it always looked like i was screaming my comments!

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