Inbetween Apartments

yesterday we moved out for 4 days. we leased out our apartement for a filmcrew. it felt right this time because we wanted to renovate it anyway and i knew the artdepartment people. they changed it completely until today and it is so good. to see it without all our things, it creates inspiriation how to change everything, get rid of a lot of stuff and make and customize things.
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today i started to sew a christmas present for lou, a fabric hanging like above for the wall at her bed with horses and i could have posted that whole book, rediscovered while searching for inspiration. this is perfection to me, how the farmers decorated their houses with fabrics, colors and simple things. hope we will find a suitable way for our rooms.


hannna said...

that book is so amazing!!!! not a very worthwhile comment, but i want to tell you i know it! we were borrowing it from our friend for at least one year, but didn't manage to buy it so far. that friend is a stage designer, it's his reference book too. and he's our neighbour, or they are selling their wonderful house next to us.

and thanks for your words, again

anette said...

thanks for your words too, they are always worthwile and very welcome.

i am very happy with my small and intelligent comment community!

wondering how that neighbour house looks like, sounds promising with that former inhabitants.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny, looking at the pictures and sarting to read, I first thought that is what they did to your apartement and i thought: wow i can't believe it. They must keep it like this.

It always was my dream to have different rooms, like these, decorated like stages, so you can go there and be in a different world in your own house. imagine having this little bauernkammer in your apartement.

The book is fantastic. i want it! I never get tired to look at peoples living spaces and another dream of mine was to make a book like this just to have a reason to get into all different homes!
love love love!
and shame, poor roof garden. I feel with you!

anette said...

i wish they would have decorated the apartment like this, would have payed to make them leave without changing it back and it is not just the terrace we lost, we cancelled bad saarow too!
happy times in the city without any extra lease to pay and your city plans?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, i am sorry, but for lost things will come new things, better things! Always sign for change and i love changes.
big plans, but no money yet. looked at a lot of places on the internet, nothing i really liked. i thought how hard it is to find a place that is perfect for our need. working from home you need the perfect space. but our heart defeinitely beats for the city. you will see us there in no time. and than you MUST come!

love your cutouts. they are so skillful und pretty. christmas is so far away. only at night when we drive into our little village i am reminded of christmas looking at the pretty lights.
lots of love!

anette said...

lki, its fine, we decided to give it up, weniger geldverpflichtungen! i am sad too but i agree, there will be new and good and happy things instead.
what a change of mind, i thought you both will live at the countryside forever but antons school change is a very good reason, no boarding school i completely understand. wish you good luck, geldregen , would love to come to capetown then, even to the countryside. hugs and kisses A

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