after is saw this i could'nt get the beauty of it out of my mind, it nurtured my phantasies about a perfect winter day and today my friend N. took me to strandbad wannsee and look!

finally the cold has frozen the lakes here too, we spent a wonderful afternoon with skates and slides on the ice.
when we drove back the moon was orange and big like a pancake.

+ + +

and we saw werner herzogs "encounters at the end of the world", a humorous and beautiful documentary about the people stranded at the south-pole. a wild range of intellectuals, philosophers and scientists meeting minds alike in antarktica.


hannna said...

it is frozen there as well! our lake looks pretty dangerous now, we're having +degrees. boring.

La sirène said...

Paris is frozen too, I tried to do the same on the Canal St Martin but couldn't fin the same result...
Your blog is kind*

anette said...

the next day i heard the ice was'nt really safe then, i just trusted my friend who lives near the lake and did'nt wanted to be cowardly.
i have to admit i am more the annika then the pippi longstocking type of character.
...but it was beautiful and good that i did'nt knew.

frozen canals in paris, hm, i fell in love with paris in december, before it never clicked. thanks for visiting

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