trying to find a way through my working jungle... picture taken around christmas here.
the state theater work started very turbulent - but this afternoon it calmed down a little bit, everything seems to be sorted out, now i just have to understand and decode the completely different system of a theater.
it seems to be conservative, delicate and bureaucratic, run by countless ants who know their way trough the subterraneous tunnels connecting the different workshops, storages and whatever rooms.
i try to find my way with a read woolen thread and enjoy the new approach to the work i am doing since a very long time.

+ + +

i stumbled upon this artist again, while doing research for my job, i was trying to remember his name since months, serendipity again. i have to confess i just really like the "hotel work" but it`s hard to find pictures in the net, it`s a series from around 1999 where he deconstructed lowclasshotelrooms during the night of his stays, took pictures and put the furniture back together before he checked out in the morning.

+ + +

and thank you everybody for the supporting and encouraging words for the last post!


Anonymous said...

hey, good to hear you are finding your way through the maze. are there really aunts (tanten)? what a great image, even if it was a typo and you meant ants (ameisen). but now i can't get the "tanten in the tunnels" image out of my head anymore... have fun at work, dicken kuss, d

anette said...

thank you dear d, haha, gotta run to the aunts now...hope you are well. ku a

hannna said...

oh, i like them a lot. him i don't know, but looks interesting.
good luck with everything

anette said...

thank you hanna, i never visited this room this week...

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