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a very long one...

today i met a friend who told me he asked L if it could be i had an english diary online, yes C. i am talking about you.
i said yes but changed the subject immediately. it was like someone had taken away my disguise and i am still wondering how he got here...

i am always surprised if someone visits here whom i know in person but did not invite personally.
that is stupid and naive because i put it online and therefore it's public and i did not made an big effort to hide my identity, but it is very personal too.
i still don`t know exactly why i started my own blog, maybe i wanted a diary, a regular report, a reminder for the things i like to do and tend to loose during everyday -work and -life.
i wanted to create my own little space, hidden but public.
i chose that name "my other room" because i wanted to have that literally and after i found out that "park" was blocked by a nerd who wrote just one post about his stolen stapler ...
as a room for thoughts and to develop small ideas
as a place to show things i cherish and
to share and have no concept or boundaries

but i did not told many of my friends and family about it or just mentioned it without giving away the address.
because i am still kind of shy with it, insecure with writing in english and still searching for the right form.

but trough this i met a very nice lady in person
stay in contact with some friends/family living abroad
enjoy the interaction, passive or active with other bloggers very much
and learned a reasonable amount of new english expressions.

sometimes i think it's taking away to much time of my real life and i am overcharged with all the information i get via the numerous blogs out there and i should rather make, help or learn instead.

but i am sure i will continue because it is a big pleasure!

and my dear friends i know you are visiting from time to time, so, here i welcome you personally and try to open the door for you as well!
+ + +
the picture above i took last year, i forgot the name of the artist but i know that the back belongs to my other friend C. who visits regularly!


Anonymous said...

dear a. i am glad you decided to keep blogging. you certainly inspire many people with you posts and i also think that this, your "other room" is an important space for you. a room that gives you space for things that often don't fit in your very busy life... (if that makes any sense). i understand the shyness and the feeling of privacy. but i have to tell you, as your sister (who thought she of course "knows you"), i so very much enjoy to get to know you a bit better through this blog. and the new or different information about you comes rather through being able to share your thoughts, images, ideas, and not lastly the dialog in the comments about all of that, than the feeling that you disclose any real private information. it all adds a "new" dimension to the person i know. and that is just wonderful. ku.d

p.s. and don't worry about the english! who cares?

anette said...

thank you for the encouraging and sweet words, i just had to rethink the whole thing after that "confrontation"...it relieved me somehow and added a new perspective to continue.
will write you soon, now i really have to start with my paper work, oh, how i am into procrastination...
love a

Anonymous said...

Hi- i've been reading here for a few months, and i've never left a comment. I wanted to say I really enjoy both the texts and images on your blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hi this is a great post! i feel exactly the same about blogging. I feel a little shy sharing with the people i know in person because my blog gets sometimes too personal and i feel embarrassed and overexposed to reveal everything i go through and experience in life. so thank you for writing this. its good to know that they are people out there who feel the same way about it. also i do admit that sometimes blogging does take over my life more than it should, when i should be doing sometimes else in my life!

hannna said...

hello. thank you for writing all this. all so true. i told my friends abroad when i started, but not really to the ones closer to me geographically.

now sometimes i wish it was only my secret place, that only strangers would read it.

but for me too, an old friend living in another country came across it by chance and recognised me from it. => now we're back in touch, and know we share some common interests, have a kid etc.

and one more: i have mentioned that i have a blog to one of my best friends, her reaction to this was: "that must reveal so much about you", but she didn't ask for the address. and sometimes i feel like telling her, but then again not. and it's been one year and half! crazy.

i was a bit worried about the title, i wouldn't want to leave this other room - and actually Y enjoys it too!

anette said...

dear L (very welcome), Y and H, already writing it made me feel better but with your feeling-alike it is even better, like i will start a new blog live!
good to know you are there, sharing similar joy and trouble with the blogs. i am a little bit out of words right now, had a very long day. thank you indeed, i really appreciate your sympathy (? or is it empathy), see you soon

mieke willems said...

don't stop! blogging is so nice! it makes us happy! understand what you're saying though, strange how you can be more personal sometimes to strangers than to family or friends... we also have people around us who really don't understand this whole blogging thing, but that doesnt matter... you also know that a nice comment can make your day, so keep that in mind!

Anonymous said...

I share your feelings about blog. I love open each door-blog to find people day after day , it's nice to give and receive.

anette said...

thank you mw and radzimire for understanding and encouragement, will be back soon with more posts, i am trapped again in heavy and very tight working schedule. hope for more room after reorganisation...

Rachel said...

i found your blog a few months back. it was on someone elses list of favorites. i think the first post i saw was the one where you and your girls built the amazing doll house with cardboard boxes. i have been hooked from then on. you take beautiful and interesting photos. I love seeing germany and the other places you have traveled to, and your posts are vary thoughtful and pleasant to read.

blog on!

Anonymous said...

Das kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen, dein Gefühl. Es geht mir ähnlich.

ashley said...

i had a coworker recently ask about my blog...she was borrowing my laptop and clicked on the address line and asked "what is strawberry bisous?", my heart fell in my gut for a lot of the reasons you just listed~ it is my public and private place...it is my little world where i feel safe to write and show my thoughts, etc. away from those who know me {or feel they may...}
i really like this blog you have and hope you never stop sharing:)

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