I was happy and content with the film we made.
it has been such a long time that i sat in the cinema at a premiere and not have had this feeling of having failed somehow, not having been able to envision the look or some consequences of decisions for colors or garments we made or that i have had no regrets that i did not fought for an idea which was'nt accepted at first.
I feel so relieved and free for new work. this is important for me at this point as i am applying for an professorship for film costume design because i am longing for a more regular dayjob and i have to feel secure to possibly get the job and to be able to teach.
So, i revealed some of my worklife now but i felt ready to share.

and this made my heart melt, hangover and happy mother i was today, finding Lou's hood filled with "ice- crystals" in her locker at school...already melting into a little pond. .... . . . .


hannna said...

hello again
(my activeness here means i'm really having problems concentrating on working...)
the trailer looked very good. thank you for sharing.
Hilmi would be a nice name for a girl.
i just heard that a woman i have met a couple of times has given V's name to her newborn baby. i'm a bit shocked. there are not many kids by that name in Finland, and there's one in the same area. maybe it's nice and cute, i dont know.
but congratulations to you
and the change in work - when do you know?

ice-crystal story is so cute. we just saw a documentary film about a first grader boy, funny to realise that they are still so small anyway. my eternal subject.

JG said...

wow! the trailer looks great. makes me wanna see the film right now!
i envy you for the good feeling you have for your work. something i'm completely incapable of having with my projects as soon as they are completed. but i still have hope to learn how to battle this urge of keeping my eyes closed torwards all i made one day. maybe in ten years i can do it :)
i'm very proud of you and i am and always have been totally convinced that you are the perfect person for this professorship!
mrs. prof. guther :)

anette said...

good to hear you liked the trailer, ha , i am still convinced its a good film.

hanna, i understand the name thing, cause it is such a long process to decide on it and when the child is born it feels unique to the parents, impersonating the child you love.

the job thing will be a long process as they wrote in answer to my written application. I just learned that i passed to step two, a public lecture about my work in march. i should start to prepare that...but i am kind of relaxed with it so far. don't know if i would be good as a teacher but interested in a more intellectual approach that would come with it.

and yes again, thats what makes me so happy, every thing that proofs she is still a small child and very playful.

i welcome your activeness here but hope you will find an easy acces to work.

J, sweetheart, it was a long process, to be satisfied sometimes, you know that but you will be too sometimes, perhaps soon.
old C is asking me frequently about the prof thing. that would suit him, a prof daughter...ha!

Anonymous said...

oh a, so happy for you to be happy with your work - i agree, the trailer looks wonderful and makes me want to see the whole film right away. i am keeping my fingers crossed, you would make a great frau professor, you are exactly what those lazy berlin students need! ;) wonderful. ku.d

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